About A Game of Marketing

This blog is focused on marketing in the board, card, or tabletop gaming hobby and industry.

I am a marketing professional, musician, writer, and gamer. Check out Inventing Ben Wand for more insightful blog posts on a variety of topics.

I have recently published my book "Rocker's Road: A Journey Through the Fading Days of '80s Metal" about a young man leaving everything to chase his rock star dreams in Los Angeles.

For my professional credentials, see my Linkedin page. I have worked at companies like Logitech (yes, the mouse company) in the past and continue to work in marketing.

I also have almost 20 yrs of experience as a semi-pro rock/metal musician and have self-promoted and managed my bands since the late '80s (as a high-schooler).

My most recent band, ManRock, has an album available on iTunes. You can also hear us on Pandora.

I started this blog because I love playing board and card games and I see a need for more marketing expertise in the industry.

My 7 yr old smack talking me after beating me at Memoir '44 (again!)
If you are a game designer, publisher, journalist, reviewer, or are just looking for some ideas or feedback, please contact me.

Look for my guild on Boardgamegeek.

If you want to write a guest post, or maybe become a regular contributor, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the blog.