Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Do you want action?

The call to action, or CTA as we call it in the biz, is one of the most important parts of any communication, advertisement, web page, love letter, or anything else we're putting together for consumption by our target audience.

We're exposed to (hundreds? thousands? apparently we're not really sure) of advertising messages a day.

Regardless, it's a lot.

Most of those are what we call "push" advertising or marketing, where it's being - you guessed it - pushed to people who may or may not want it, or even have any interest. These are most commonly "brand awareness" messages.

The other type is "pull", which is when you are doing some type of shopping/research. This is obviously better because now you are actively interested, so presenting you with advertising is a much better investment. Product reviews are often in this category.

Considering the large number of push advertising we're exposed to daily, and then add the stuff we're experiencing that we have "requested" to see, as you know the environment becomes very noisy very fast.

So that means that getting to the point of your advertising message and being clear about what you want them to do next is paramount.

That's the call to action. And you should only have one call to action. Presenting more will confuse the issue and the message.

If there are more actions you want from people, those need to be in different ads, or in different steps of the purchasing process.
  • Click here to buy now
  • Email us
  • Pick up the phone
  • Reply to this message
  • Enter to win

Combine those with visual cues that are clear and easy to find. In fact, make that the highlight of your advertisment.

In fact, if all they do is respond to your CTA by clicking, calling, emailing, sharing, etc, then - congrats! You've succeeded!

There's much more to this messaging and advertising thing, but if you nail down your call to action before you even start to write or design your ads, you're already way ahead of the game, and have greatly increased the chances that you'll get a response.

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